Unlike many of todays’ overpriced and grossly-limited online invoice services, Freedom Invoicing has been meticulously designed to offer boundless versatility when it comes to creating, managing and sending invoices electronically.  This includes among the most diverse menus of integrated user management tools, to streamline the entire online payment process.

Fully Customizable Invoice Design

Who says that invoices have to be boring? Freedom Invoicing puts a world of possibility at your fingertips, making it fun and easy to customize your invoices and build more brand recognition.

Manage Multiple Company Invoices

Whether you offer a limited number of services or regularly bill your customers in a similar fashion, our Multiple Billing tool takes the headaches and wasted time out of getting paid online.  

Simplistic Auto Billing and Recurring Invoices

For clients who consistently place the same order on a clockwork basis, Freedom Invoicing allows you to schedule all of their upcoming and repeat invoices with just a few simple clicks.  Done.

Innovative Tools to Create Beautiful Invoices

Some invoice creation tools are so complex, it takes an experienced graphic designer just to make something that looks decent.  Our tools are advanced, expansive and best of all, easy to use.

Versatile Payment Acceptance  

There’s no limit to which online payment methods you can accept when you partner with Freedom Invoicing, including international payments, specialized systems and digital currency.

Customize Email Subjects & Body Text

Nothing says we could care less than a cookie-cutter, generic invoice message. Our system makes it super easy to create fully-customized online invoices unique to each of your customers.

Innovative Project Management Tools

It’s easy to lose track of time when creating invoices and managing your online billing. Our integrated user tools expedite the invoice process while helping you boost billing efficiency.   

Instantly Convert Quotes to Invoice

You spend enough time coming up with proposals, who wants to retype everything when it’s time to get paid for your work? We let you effortlessly convert estimates into polished invoices.

Frequent Service/Product Library

How much time is wasted typing in descriptions for the same services and goods?  Freedom Invoicing lets you store frequent and key services to quickly insert them into invoices.

Bulk Email Quotes and Invoices

Need to send out multiple quotes but still looking to keep things personalized to each recipient?  Our Multiple Quotes tool saves time without imparting a generic appearance to your prospects.

Custom Reports, Statements and Account History

Anyone who’s ever sifted through a complex invoice history knows how mind-numbing it can be. Freedom Invoicing lets you create and access any customer’s complete history with total ease.

International Friendly Invoicing

If you do business internationally you know how stressful the billing and currency issues can be.  We support multiple currencies, languages and voice commands to make things simple.

Easy Invoice Reminders

Sending out generic reminder emails is a real time waster and embarrassing on both ends. Our integrated invoice reminder lets you fully personalize and automate balance-due reminders.

Automated Late Fees Assessment

It’s never fun charging late fees to clients who don’t pay in a timely manner.  Freedom Invoicing allows you to automatically set late-fee schedules, saving you the stress of having to hit ‘send’.

To learn more about how Freedom Invoice can help you break the shackles of complicated, overpriced invoicing services, get in touch through our contact page.

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