If you’ve been the using the same online billing service for any extended period of time, it can be easy to justify the lack of features in light of how familiar you are with it.  As many businesses, entrepreneurs and ecommerce website owners and have discovered, Freedom Invoicing offers the simplicity of today’s most popular online payment services, with a full complement of powerful user tools that are actually easy to use.

Here are just a few of the main reasons why so many others have never looked back after making the switch to Freedom Invoicing.

Easy to Create Beautiful Invoices

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Freedom Invoicing system is how surprisingly easy it is to create completely customized invoices based on your company colors or design themes. There’s a full library of professional templates to select from, all of which can be personalized to your specific preferences.  You can also import your own artwork or create individual invoices for each specific customer or client.

Secure and Reliable

Security remains one of the most universal concerns among those who rely on digital billing and online invoices.  This was something the Freedom Invoicing developers spent a great deal of time on, and a key reason on why it’s one of the industry’s most reliable online payment services.  We use the most advanced security software to prevent hacks, breaches and theft of personal data, and are constantly exploring new ways to ensure total peace of mind when creating, sending or managing online invoices.

Library of Advanced Features

While some online billing systems keep things as simple as possible, others make things too complicated for the average end user.  Freedom Invoicing bridges the gap between simplicity and creativity with advanced user tools that are truly uncomplicated.  The invoice creator and editor tools walk you through each step and have integrated design assistance to let you know exactly what each function allows you to do.  Now you can create online invoices that are clean, professional looking and centered around your organization’s digital branding.

Universal Acceptance

For those who do business with international customers and clients, getting paid online can be more stressful than anyone deserves.  With Freedom Invoicing you can easy accept payments from all over the world in a full range of currencies, with the added bonus of creating invoices, reminders and reports in other languages.

Simplify Your Online Invoices and Billing

To learn more about how Freedom Invoicing can help improve and streamline your online billing, get in touch by calling 585-417-5977 or writing to us through our contact page.